15 músicas fazem uma história

15 músicas fazem uma história | Setembro 2018

Outubro 13, 2018

Já não é a primeira vez que faço algo deste género: também construí uma pequena história usando as letras das minhas músicas favoritas de julho. Podem clicar aqui para ouvir a playlist.

Desta vez, utilizei 15 e decidi usar, novamente, o formato em vídeo para agrupá-las mais facilmente, juntamente com a história. Por isso, podem assistir aqui ao resultado que publiquei no YouTube e seguir até ao fim deste artigo para ouvirem a playlist no mesmo meio ou no Spotify. Enjoy!



1. In Need of Medicine, by Smash Into Pieces

I’m taking those pills just to forget it

Oh yes, forget the memories,

Oh no, stuck in my head again

In need of medicine


2. Fight for You, by Man Made Machine

When I get down and there’s no way out

Will you pick me up when I hit the ground?

Tell me honestly

Will you fight for me?


3. Hear Me Now, by Bad Wolves feat. DIAMANTE

I’m at the bottom,

Can you come let me up?

‘Cause I wrote a vow for you


4. Undone, by FFH

Open up wide, swallow down deep

No spoonful of sugar could make it sweet

The cancer inside, stealing my sleep

Night after night, it keeps haunting me


5. Kill me – And make it quick, by Amelie

I think I’m gonna be sick

I can’t keep doing this

Kill me and make it quick


6. Dark On Me, by Starset

You’re the cause, the antidote

The sinking ship that I could not let go

You led my way then disappeared

How could you just walk away and leave me here


7. Believe, by Hollywood Undead

My heart beats heavy in an open chest

And I wanna say goodbye, but there’s nobody left

I can’t believe


8. Overwhelming, by Jon Bellion

There is a potion in your lips, so sweet, I’d die

There is an ocean in your hips, so deep, I’d dive


9. It Has Begun, by Starset

But everyone knows by now

Fairy tales are not found


10. Let You Down, by The Material

And I still can’t recognize

The person that you’ve become


11. Angel, by Theory of a Deadman

Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m weak

Maybe I’m blinded by what I see


12. Hurricane, by Truslow

And the sky is painted red

I can feel your heart again

I can hear it in the wind

And you’re calling out my name

You’re a lovestruck hurricane

You’re the thunder in the rain


13. The Resistance, by Skillet

This is how we rise up

Heavy as a hurricane

Louder than a freight train

This is how we rise up

Heart is beating faster

Feels like thunder


14. Runnin’, by Adam Lambert

I’m coming alive

A life that’s always been a dream

Wake up now and live


15. Skeletons, by Heartist

I just need you to know

I tried to find a way

To bury all the pain

But these skeletons won’t sleep

You gave me clarity

And show me how to free

These skeletons in me



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